Our client for this duplex (a family of four) wanted a functional home where each space has a purpose and each activity has a designated space. Therefore, we utilized the different floors and areas of the house to create multiple living rooms, each different from the other in style and usage, and gave each bedroom an individual touch, reflecting the personality of each family member. We went for a close-plan kitchen, to create privacy for the cooking area, with a separate backdoor entrance for staff. The double height ceiling, embellished with wooden paneling and modern chandeliers, immediately add grandeur and distinguish the duplex’s height from a single-floor apartment.

The entrance foyer opens into the formal seating area, where the family can entertain guests. Since this is not an oft-used space, but one which is accessed by visitors, we went for a bold and striking colour palette and textures. The black velvet couch paired with metallic centre-pieces and a classic-modern chandelier, make for a lasting first impression. 

The family’s TV room on the ground floor is designed in muted colours and textures, with key focus on functionality. The large recline sofa is complimented by the pastel wallpaper and ambient mood-lighting. As an added touch, we strategically placed metallic planters in black and gold in the TV room, to connect it with the colour palette of the adjacent formal seating area.

This living room on the first floor of the duplex is the family’s ‘chill-out space.’ It follows an eclectic theme and the colours and texture of the furniture and lighting reflect the ‘fun’ vibe of this space.Here, the family can spend time reading or get together for board games.

Master Bedroom

We believe that a bedroom is more than just a room with a bed and the spacious master bedroom of this duplex allowed us to follow this principal to the T. We sectioned the space into sleeping and seating areas. The king-size bed in suede serves as the centre-piece for this room. The muted colour palette of greys and off-whites is highlighted by ambient lighting placed strategically.

The theme for the dining-area is rich pastels. The textured wall-paper compliments the marble table-top, giving the space a pleasing and aesthetic effect.

This modern and smart kitchen, with plenty of natural light and ventilation, is the heart of the house. Smooth textures and neutral colours give the space a pleasant and open vibe. The kitchen island serves the dual purpose of design and functionality, which is also the underlying principle for the entire duplex.

The colour schemes and textures of the children’s bedrooms are tailor-made to reflect their distinct personalities.

The son’s room is modern and minimalistic, following a monochrome theme. We have used geometric patterns across all elements of this room, right from the checks in the headboard, to the accent lamp to the unique shape of the bedside table.

The daughter’s room is whimsical and soft, embellished with metallic accents. We handpicked curated décor pieces for this room, like the bubble accent lights and floral wall hangings, to give this room an Alice in Wonderland touch.